WATCHPRO AWARDS WINNERS: Executive Leadership Team of the Year

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Simon Gillham, who was promoted from sales director to managing director little more than two years ago, says his most satisfying achievement of the last year has been witnessing the positive impact on the morale and motivation of his team during the widespread changes made to Zeon.

Zeon’s UK business has grown a solid 48% YTD and it hopes that this will increase even more with the busiest quarter still to come.
Baselworld 2016 set a flag in the ground for the company’s new change of direction and strategy, announcing it to the world at large as it re-launched its owned brand Ingersoll to the trade.


Mr Gillham regards the success of the UK team this year to have been phenomenal, deserved and well earned. It is a team that he has been very proud to be part of and he hopes it will continue to strengthen.

Pictured above: Simon Gillham and Javier Guerra believe they are leading a team of winners at Zeon.

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