WatchPro at SIHH: Urwerk


As well as decorated their UR105 T-Rex with a cross-hatched bronze suit of armour, Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner took its EMC concept, first released in 2013, further than ever before with the EMC Time Hunter.

While the EMC allowed the owner to test the watches timekeeping and then regulate to compensate courtesy of an electronic module on the mechanical movement, the EMC Time Hunter takes the principle further.

Separate registers on the dial display the watch’s timekeeping to +/- 15 seconds a day and the amplitude of its balance wheel. To activate the test procedure the watch’s winding handle must first be extended and wound to charge the system with electricity, with red and green LEDs indicating whether the watch is within acceptable parameters or not. A simple screw on the caseback can then be used to regulate the watch to achieve isochronism. Just 15 pieces of each version will be created; one in titanium and steel, the other in military green ceramic-coated titanium and steel.



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