WatchPro at SIHH: MB&F


MB&F started 2016 with a playful introduction to what sounds like it will be an incredibly busy year for the brand with plenty of new products in the pipeline.

In Geneva Max Busser unveiled his latest robotic collaboration with clock-maker L’Epée, Sherman, an eight-day table clock named after the famous American tank. With tank tracks and posable arms and a dial on his chest, MB&F will make 200 pieces each of palladium and gold-plated Shermans, with 50 diamond-set versions.

Busser has also been tinkering with the HM6 Space Pirate he released at Basel last year as well as taking advantage of advances made in the tooling of sapphire crystal for the HM6 SV (sapphire version).

Instead of the amorphic metal case that surrounded the original HM6, the HM6 SV is sandwiched front and back by two pieces of sapphire crystal milled over the course of 350 hours to take on the same distinctive contours. The caseband features ‘streamline moderne’ striping, a design feature popularised in 1950s America. Just 20 pieces will be produced, half in rose gold and half in platinum with prices heading up to 380,000 CHF (£258,000).



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