WatchPro at SIHH: Laurent Ferrier


The former racing driver and Patek Philippe watchmaker has only been making watches using his own name for five years, but with a rigid design aesthetic and clearly sophisticated palette, Ferrier has crafted a strong horological identity in that short time.

So the unveiling of the Boreal models, which use luminous material to create a sector dial, was particularly bold and Ferrier’s biggest departure from his house style so far.

Ferrier also released a new version of his achingly cool Galet Traveller Globe using a deep Night Blue enamel to fill in the oceans of an engraved map of the world.

The undulating relief of the engraving reflects the natural contours of the earth’s surface, revealed naturally by the depth of the champlevé enamel coating. As the watch is supposed to reflect a rather impossible view of the world at night, the lights of the major conurbations are painted in using gold.



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