WatchPro at SIHH: Christophe Claret


Claret’s flight of feminine whimsy, the Margot, seems to have hit a rich vein with clients of the eponymous brand.

The 2014 watch, which provided a mechanical means of playing the game ‘He Loves Me…’, has clearly sold well enough for the micro-engineering genius to focus more of his time on creations designed with women in mind.

The latest is the Marguerite, pictured, where two butterflies indicate the passage of both minutes and hours as they traverse a central daisy.

But this wouldn’t be a Christophe Claret watch without some secret to be revealed by mechanical means. The pusher at the two o’clock causes the three, six and nine o’clock hour numerals to disappear, replaced by the phrase ‘Il m’aime passionnément’ (He loves me passionately).

On the reverse a simplified game of He Loves Me can be played with a shake of the watch’s ruby-set rotor.

The Marguerite also introduces two new gem-setting techniques developed by Claret himself, the Flake and Champagne settings. Claret also mentioned at SIHH that the Marguerite is ripe for bespoke personalisation.



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