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Watchonista partners with Reis-Nichols


Watchonista is thrilled to announce a partnership with renowned Indianapolis based retailer Reis-Nichols founded in 1919.

The family owned and operated Reis-Nichols is Central Indiana’s retailer of choice for fine watches and jewelry to the Midwest for well over a century.

Reis-Nichols and Watchonista’s partnership


As Indianapolis’ largest retailer of luxury timepieces, Reis-Nichols has long enjoyed a dedicated customer base and awareness throughout the Midwest. Now via our comprehensive partnership, Reis-Nichols enters the horological web.

Via a dedicated partner page, Watchonista will relay the very best of Reis-Nichols, its carried brands, events, and behind the scenes of their newly renovated 86th Street store. Stay tuned to Watchonista.com and Reis-Nichols’s partner page as we will unveil more in the coming days and weeks!

Throughout our partnership with Reis-Nichols, we will be working hand in hand to provide amazing content, horological awareness, and education to both novice and experienced collectors. Watchonista and Reis-Nichols will also be collaborating on some exceptional events in Indianapolis. So stay tuned!

Is Watchonista selling watches? 

Since our founding in 2009, we’ve been an editorially based web site. Watchonista is not a selling platform. While many other watch sites have entered the world of e-commerce, we stand by our commitment to educate and communicate the best in watchmaking through fresh editorials and social media coverage. We feel that by partnering with key brick and mortar retailers that offer personalized service in physical boutiques, we can help elevate our readers’ retail experiences.

Connections to Collectors

Watchonista is produced, edited, and written by a team of people who are passionate about watches, doing what they love best. We share our knowledge and passion with our audience and network of enthusiasts through our online magazine (Watchonista.com), social media, and collector’s events. Watchonista was founded by watch collectors, and to this day, we continue to collaborate with passionate people around the world who love watches.

“Reis-Nichols is thrilled to partner with Watchonista. As a midwestern retailer with a global reach, we are excited to share our story and present our approach to personalized customer service and the watch business. Watchonista’s unique blend of fresh content and their passion for motorsports will suit the Indianapolis market well.”  – BJ Nichols, Owner Reis-Nichols

Editorial Point of View

For Watchonista, it’s crucial that our objectivity and voice remain true to our values. We will provide original stories and articles, not derivative content, thereby giving actual value to our readers and Reis-Nichols’s audience.

We’ve always strived to deliver unique editorial content that stays true to our DNA. Our readers enjoy unique daily perspectives on watches and the watchmaking industry that they can’t find anywhere else.

 Watchonista Comes To The Midwest

“As someone who grew up in the Midwest, I have a special place in my heart for Reis-Nichols. During college, I worked across the street from their store, and on my lunch break, I would peruse their watches and dream of one day attaining such a timepiece. Years later, I would become a client of Reis-Nichols. Today, the relationship comes full circle. I’m thrilled that we’re partnering with Reis-Nichols and very much look forward to meeting their collectors at the next Watchonista x Reis-Nichols event!” – Josh Shanks (Managing Editor, Watchonista)

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