Watchmakers at International Jewellery London: Alexander Shorokhoff


German watchmaker Alexander Shorokhoff is marking its 25th anniversary in 2017, and is inviting visitors to IJL to join it on its stand to celebrate the occasion.

Star of the Alexander Shorokhoff stand will be the Tourbillon Tomorrow watch, which demonstrates the watchmaker’s mastery of advanced horology, gemology and luxury design. The €45,000 (£40,000) watch, which is offered in either a gold or steel case in a limited edition run of five pieces, will be presented within IJL’s Watch Lounge.

The design of the Tomorrow Tourbillon can be interpreted in several ways being similar to a cobweb, a bat or something else that the owner sees.


“The plan of Alexander Shorokhov was to make a decentralised front side. The lines are neither straight nor passing proportionally; they are showing a strong individualism, this is intensifying their importance,” the company explains.


Alexander Shorokhoff back

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Alexander Shorokhoff
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