Watchismo founders obliterate Kickstarter target


The founders of US watch e-tail site Watchismo have received hundreds of thousands of pounds through Kickstarter from people backing their bid to create a mechanical watch line.

Brothers Andy and Mitch Greenblatt set up a page on the crowd funding website on November 6 asking for $40,000 (£24,840) to help bring their Xeric brand to life, but within days that target had been smashed.

The pledge still has 29 days left to run but has already won funding of $349,819 (£212,278) from 890 backers. As the project has achieved its initial target, the Greenblatt brothers will receive all the cash pledged to help fund the launch of Xeric.


The brothers said that the concept behind Xeric is to create an affordable mechanical watch with an unusual design.

The first design from the brand is called Xeriscope and has a window on the dial showing the movement, which rotates. It has a double-sided minute hand, a second time zone display and a power reserve meter.

The Xeriscope is available in five colourways and the brothers said they will create 100 of each style, which will be given to backers who pledge cash to the Kickstarter account. Depending on the amount pledged, Xeric is offering backers discounts on the watches once they go into production.

A statement from one of the Greenblatt brothers on the Kickstarter site said: "For years, my brother and I combed the globe to bring the world’s most interesting watches to our customers at Watchismo.com.

"Our work identified a glaring gap in the watch market – the need for a very cool and affordable mechanical watch – at a time when we were eager to act on our longstanding dream to create something that had not been done by anyone else. Together with our team, we designed the first collection of Xeric timepieces."

To see the watches and make a pledge click here


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