Watches seized in Hatton Garden police raids

By Kathryn Bishop and Sam Bathe

Camden Police raided jewellery retailers and workshop premises in Hatton Garden yesterday, seizing watches and jewellery estimated to be worth £140,000.

More than 50 officers were involved in the raids, executing warrants at seven businesses believed to have been involved in handling stolen goods said to include timepieces.

The raids took place at midday and were carried out by detectives from Camden Borough in Hatton Garden. Police believe that a small percentage of jewellers in the area may be involved in handling property either stolen in robberies or burglaries.


The warrants covered six jewellery premises within 35 Greville Street, Hatton Garden – home to a number of jewellery and diamond workshops – and a jewellery store within 32 Hatton Garden.

Camden Police seized more than 40 items of jewellery and watches with an estimated value of more than £140,000. A 25-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods.

Detective Superintendent Richard Tucker said: "The reason we have carried out these raids is because we are directly reducing crime and serving the whole borough of Camden and beyond.

"It’s not about disrupting law-abiding businesses. Street robberies and residential burglaries where jewellery is stolen can often end up in some jewellery premises in the Hatton Garden area.

"By disrupting that criminal activity, we are removing the ‘sales value’ of stolen property, which means burglars and robbers find it difficult to make proceeds from their crimes."



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