Watches said to be among jewels stolen in Cannes


Reports have increased the estimation of the value of watches and jewellery taken in an armed robbery at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes on Sunday to £90 million.

An article in The Telegraph said that detectives have reported that hotel staff underestimated the worth of the diamonds and jewel-encrusted watches stolen in the armed robbery at the French hotel and said that an in-depth inventory of goods stolen has revealed the value to be approximately £90 million. Initially, the value of the goods stolen – which the report suggests included watches – was estimated to be between £30 million and £35 million.

A single gunman was said to have walked into the hotel on Sunday lunchtime and wearing a scarf over his face and a crash helmet. He didn’t fire the gun but walked into a bedroom where the jewels were being kept before putting them into a briefcase and walking out.


The watches and diamonds were for a temporary exhibition by the Leviev diamond house.

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