Watches of the Year nominations close today


Nominations for the WatchPro Watches of the Year 2012 will close today.

WatchPro readers have just one day left to get their suggestions to the editorial team for the timepieces they feel deserve a place in the annual list of the best watches of the year.

Watches of the Year will reveal the 100 timepieces that our editors feel will make the greatest contribution to this incredible industry in 2012. The majority of the watches have been revealed in the past six months, particularly during this year’s European trade shows.


To make the list as inclusive as possible, WatchPro hopes that you will join the debate about 2012’s best watches by nominating the models that you feel will set the market alight this year.

The WatchPro Watches of the Year special report will be published in the June edition of the magazine, and online at WatchPro.com.

To contribute to the Watches of the Year report, please click here to download the nomination form and follow the instructions.


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