Watches of Switzerland Birmingham rioter jailed


A trainee mechanic who tried to smash seven windows at a branch of Watches of Switzerland in Birmingham during the 2011 has now been jailed for 22 months.

Raju Mian pleaded guilty at Brimingham Magistrates Court to attempting to smash through the windows of the shop in Birmingham’s New Street on August 9, 2011. He was caught by Watches of Switzerland CCTV cameras using a T-shirt to try to disguise his face.

Mian, who is 20 years old, failed to steal any watches from the shop but during the same crime spree he was part of a gang that successfully looted a coffee shop on nearby Newhall Street.


He was charged with one count of robbery and one count of attempted robbery.

Police in Birmingham have said that the case shows that they are still actively investigating crimes that took place during the riots of the summer of 2011.

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