Watch photographer at London Watch Show


Neilson Photography will be demonstrating its watch-specific high quality HD video and augmented overlay images at the London Watch Show.

The high end photography company, specialises in producing HD video for use on websites and for point of sales and augmented overlays for use in print advertising.

Exhibiting at the inaugural WatchPro London Watch Show on July 2 and 3 will give Andrew Neilson Photography the opportunity to network with watch brands and retailers.


Founder Andrew Neilson said: "We are well respected in the jewellery business but are less well known for watch photography. The show will give us a chance to show what we do best, and showcase the new offerings for marketing materials that we feel will give brands the edge. It’s also great to be able to meet up with clients that we work with remotely, but have never met face to face."

To register for the two day trade show, which is taking place at Freemason’s Hall in London, click here

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