WATCH FACES: Ryan Gosling welcomed into TAG Heuer family at star-studded Beverly Hills party

Jeremy O'Harris, Ryan Gosling and Frédéric Arnault.

La La Land star Ryan Gosling was welcomed into the TAG Heuer family this week at a star-studded party in Los Angeles.

He took to the stage with TAG Heuer CEO Frédéric Arnault in front of a discrete gathering of celebrities, international editors, influencers and partners in a private Beverly Hills villa.

It was the first significant party hosted by TAG Heuer in the United States since March of 2020, days before the country shut down its airports.


“We’re delighted to be back in LA to introduce and celebrate the newest member of the TAG Heuer family, Ryan Gosling. Our brand has strong historic ties to Hollywood so it was only fitting that we would return for this meaningful announcement.” said Mr Arnault.

“Ryan as an actor is fearless and committed to excellence. We couldn’t be happier to enter this unique partnership, one that is such an authentic and powerful match of values and ambitions between Ryan and TAG Heuer and from which you can expect great things,” he added.

Frédéric Arnault.

Mr Gosling has already been put to work as the face of a new collection of TAG Heuer Carrera three-handers in a photo shoot by Pari Dukovic.

Ryan Gosling’s photo shoot for the latest Carrera three-handers.

“Partnering with such an iconic brand which has been a pillar of excellence for more than 160 years was an easy decision. I really enjoyed working on this first AD campaign with Pari Dukovic, a photographer whose work I admire,” Mr Gosling said.

The party was attended by fellow TAG Heuer’s ambassadors and friends of the brand including Hollywood actor Patrick Dempsey, tennis champion Naomi Osaka, Olympic sprinter Sydney McLaughlin and more.

Sydney McLaughlin & Frédéric Arnault.
Ryan Gosling & Patrick Dempsey.
Naomi Osaka & Sydney McLaughlin.
Jeremy O. Harris.
Patrick & Jilian Dempsey.
Naomi Osaka.
Patrick Dempsey.
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