Watch designers set out to end ocean plastic pollution


Awake Watch launched on Kickstarter last month with the aim to show consumers that luxury goods can be attained in a sustainable way.

The brand’s mission is to prove that there is a smarter and more sustainable way to consume goods.

The French-based company wants to highlight that high quality can be achieved while limiting environmental impact as much as possible.


The Awake Blue Reef Watch

The Awake Watch strap is made of recycled plastic waste and is given a vegetable tan while the case is made from 100% recycled 316L steel.

The movement is made by a company owned by Seiko in Japan and is solar powered. The designers say three hours on the wrist allows for six months of precise movement even in low light conditions.

In a promotional video Awake says it wants the world to begin to alleviate the 22,000 tonnes of plastic that are put into the world’s oceans on a daily basis.

The Kickstarter scheme has raised $313,666 so far and has exceeded its initial target by 1024%.

The concept for the company was first born two years ago and now after its launch on Kickstarter last month, Awake expects to have watches shipped out by December of this year.

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