Watch collector launches Garrick London


A new British watch brand is almost upon us and will put the provenance of its component parts at the centre of its business.

Entrepreneur and watch consultant David Brailsford is one of three friends behind Garrick London, a watch brand which will aim for ‘a distinctly British character’.

Brailsford’s background in collecting fine watches and antiquities coupled with a keen interest in British naval history are all reflected in the flavours the fledgling Garrick London brand.


Brailsford has assembled a team of watchmakers that will work towards producing a number of watch components in-house as well as sourcing some from external British manufacturers.

The first Garrick London watch, the sm301, has yet to be seen but will be based around a Swiss movement, modified and enhanced in Britain with hand-bevelled bridges and thermally blued screws, then housed in a 316L stainless steel case manufactured by an English company.

Dials will be hand-assembled exclusively in-house, Garrick’s watchmakers will also produce a free sprung balance with hairsprings from Nivarox.

The new company has invested in an existing manufacturing facility as well as purchasing a new plant.

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