Watch brand makes its mark on Stockholm


Visitors to Stockholm will be greeted by one of the country’s leading watch brands when they arrive in the city after a landmark deal involving local watch and accessory brand TRIWA.

The Swedish watchmaker has revealed it is collaborating with Global Agencies in a move that will see it decorate The City Clocks in Stockholm.

The City Clocks has for the past decade been decorated by the Swedish store Stjarnurmakarna, but as of January 2016 TRIWA will be taking over.

“Stockholm is an important part of our communication, this is where we work and get our inspiration. To be a part of the portrayal of the city makes us very happy,” said Ludvig Scheja, creative director and co-founder of TRIWA.

TRIWA signed a contract with Global Agencies which states that the brand will be decorating The City Clocks for three years on 30 different locations around the city.

”We are excited to be able to show the brand for tourists that visit our city in this particular way, and at the same time establish our connection to the city,” added Scheja.

Global Agencies was founded in 1999 and in the last couple of years has developed its own products such as The Golf Watch, The City Watch and now The Digital City Watch.

TRIWA was founded in 2007 by four friends. All of its watches, accessories and sunglasses are born in the creative studio in the heart of Stockholm. Triwa is sold in 25 different markets and has about 1,500 retailers.



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