Visitor numbers to WatchPro.com surge by 72% in a year


The number of unique users in a single month for WatchPro.com has topped 44,000 individuals in July.

Total visitors increased by over 72% from 25,667 in July 2016 to 44,256 in 2017.

WatchPro.com is the most visited specialist watch website in the UK; read by more individuals than even the major glossy watch magazine websites.


Alexa.com, which measures market share for websites, says WatchPro.com is currently ranked 38,232 in the UK, far higher than SalonQP.com (133,490th in the UK) and Revolution.watch (158,000th in the UK).

Online-only watch collector sites Hodinkee and Ablogtowatch are ranked higher in the UK.

“Summer can be a slow time for watch news, but WatchPro.com’s unique focus on the business of watches — particularly the activities of the UK’s leading retailers, means we have exciting stories every day,” says WatchPro managing editor Rob Corder.

“We are increasingly writing about the strategic thinking and product lines of the major watch brands as well, and the growth in our subscriber base suggests that this is attracting more and more readers from outside the industry. People who love watches love reading about watches and the businesses behind them,” Mr Corder adds.

WatchPro‘s social media reach is also higher than every watch magazine in the UK. The title’s Facebook page has 1814 followers; it has 16,000 Twitter followers and over 500 Instagram followers.

“In a world obsessed with social media influencers, WatchPro is uniquely positioned to help watch brands reach tens of thousands of people across digital platforms,” says WatchPro publisher, Daniel Malins.


WatchPro July 2017

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