Visconti creates limited edition titanium and bronze version of its Pro Dive


Visconti has unveiled a limited edition titanium and bronze model to its Pro Dive 3000 Abussus Pro line.

133 pieces are being made of the watch, which retails for £6750 in the UK.

The Pro Drive was first introduced in 2014 after research and development in conjunction with Italy’s Cooperativa Nazionale Sommozzatori (CNS) one of the world’s best deep professional diving companies.


The collaboration led to choices such as the use of a monobloc case with 5mm thick sapphire glass and an exterior locking device for the bezel

The crown has a quick bayonet lock and not the usual screwed style.

The use of a titanium and aluminium bronze alloy gives the watch the lowest possible weight and the highest and long lasting resistance to the demanding marine environment, according to Visconti.

“The most amazing feature of the Pro-Dive watch is the bayonet crown, a Visconti project, which allows both the dismantling of the stem from the top when the watch is opened, and the diving with crown itself unlocked, as water proof is ensured not by active compression of the O-Rings, but by a hydraulic seal on the axis,” the company states.

The watch houses a VI-AC264-02 Automatic Swiss Made movement in its 45mm case.

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