Visconti combines Italian art with advanced dive watch technology


Visconti has created a limited edition dive watch with a striking gothic dial.

The Sport Dive 3000 Skull & Roses, in a limited edition run of 39 pieces, is a striking work of Italian art, as well as a serious diving instrument.

“The watch is a time instrument featuring both high technology and deep craftsmanship skill, which is dressed in an unusual and surprising way,” the company says.


“This Visconti  watch aims to represent a meeting point between the technical and high performance soul of Visconti Divers 3000 meters and the innovative and desecrating spirit which runs undercover in very important part of most recent Italian design and fashion style,” the brand adds.

Although no scuba diver has everdecended deeper than 332 metres below the ocean, Visconti’s watch will survive to a depth of 3000 meteres. Recreational divers rarely swim below 30 metres.

The Sport Dive 3000 Skull & Roses has a monobloc case, high thickness sapphire crystal and a helium valve to keep it functioning at deadly depths.

Its 45mm steel case houses a Swiss-made automatic movement.

It is priced at €5,400 (£4860).

Visconti is distributed in the UK by Ebauche.

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