Virgin Atlantic sets sights on endorsing Axion

 Axion reported that the Virgin Atlantic team has approached the Swiss-made brand with the intention of endorsing and promoting it.

The nature of the watches, which allow pilots to see local time and GMT simultaneously, could be an apt choice for Virgin Atlantic.

Speaking to WatchPro at the London Watch Show, which started today at Freemasons’ Hall, Barker, who is himself a pilot, said: "This could mean that the brand explodes massively. As a relatively small brand that sort of support would be fantastic to get us to the next stage."

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Barker has met with the head of the Virgin Atlantic brand alliance team and an agreement could see the Axion products showcased in the Virgin Atlantic lounge’s display case in Heathrow and promotional emails about the watches being sent out to Virgin Atlantic’s approximate two million frequent flyers.

A fledgling brand, Axion is using the London Watch Show as a launch pad, alongside the more established brands that are exhibiting.



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