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VIP breakfast to be held on day two of LWS


A VIP breakfast for retailers will be held on day two of the London Watch Show at the Freemason’s Hall.

Following a busy first day at the London Watch Show and for invited guests, a party taking place on the evening of July 2 at Altitude 360, in honour of the big reveal of the first WatchPro Hot 100 book, a breakfast is being held for retailers on July 3.

At 10am on July 3 at the VIP Room at the Freemasons’ Hall, guests will be able to enjoy a breakast to either help aid their recovery from the celebrations of the night before or to simply set themselves up for a busy day two at the London Watch Show.


Retailers who are interested in attending the VIP breakfast can email Rachael Taylor: rachael.taylor@itppromedia.com

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