IN VIDEO: Take a glimpse into the Chaos Window of Mr Jones

Mr Jones Chaos Window

You would be surprised how often we receive information about new watches at WatchPro where it is impossible to see how on earth the timepiece can be used to tell the time.

Accompanying explanations are frequently incomprehensible as well.

The latest model from London-based Mr Jones Watches ticks both boxes, which is why the company handily provided a video that sheds a little light on how this watch, appropriately named the Chaos Window, works.

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To enlighten you further, Edward Carvalho Monaghan, who designed the watch for Mr Jones, explains: “The watch can be turned from any hour to reveal a completely new relationship that continually coheres only to degrees, and never fully in any formation.” Geddit?

The watch houses a Swiss made, automatic movement, and is retailing for £345 from the Mr Jones website. It is limited to 50 pieces worldwide.

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