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VIDEO: Swatch making of Mad About the Sea

By Jessica Knowles

Swatch has released a behind-the-scenes video of the brand’s Mad About the Sea Scuba Libre television commercial. Filmed in South Africa and Spain; both the behind-the-scenes short film and advert feature the song Underwater by Swatch brand ambassador, Mika.

The brand has delivered a four minute video with backstage footage in accompaniment with the 60-second TV spot. Filmed on location in Cape Town and Barcelona; the commercial ties in with the advertising campaign by presenting an urban environment with a surreal underwater theme.

‘Mad About the Sea’ television commercial:



Swatch offers views of the cast and crew and show that filming was more challenging than the results make it look. Shots of the free climber on the cliff required the use of remote controlled long camera arm and a helicopter for the shot from above.

Filming was hindered by environmental factors such as monkeys who climbed into cars and on cameras, while extreme heat meant that the scene with the dog and the octopus required several takes.

Throughout, the actors were challenged to use their imagination, to see the sea creatures which would later be added in digitally.

‘Making Of Mad About the Sea’ short film:

The film crews used a range of filmmaking techniques and equipment to capture the footage live on location. Post-production used high-powered computers and advanced CGI (Computer Generated Images) graphics to add the animation.

Mika is the newest ambassador for Swatch and featured in the Swatch Faces exhibit at the Venice Biennale; his Underwater track ties the ad and ‘Making Of’ footage together.

The Scuba Libre line was released last month and is a colourful range of diving style watches.

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