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VIDEO: Seiko kicks off TV ad campaign


Seiko kicks of its pre-Christmas television advertising campaign tomorrow, following on from the success of last year’s campaign.

The television advertising is part of a multi-media campaign and will start with advertising on Sky Sports. The full campaign will run for five weeks until the December 8 and the television films will be aired more than 7,000 times, giving Seiko more than 38 hours of prime airtime during the Christmas selling window.

The TV campaign will run across the entire Sky TV platform so it will be seen on television and also mobile digital devices.


Two different TV films will be aired during the campaign, each featuring the Seiko Sportura Kinetic GMT SUN015P1 (RRP £379) and Le Grand Sport Kinetic Perpetual SNP065P9 (RRP £399).

The advert for the Sportura can be seen here:

Additionally, a national press campaign will take place over five months, starting this month too, with the ads placed in premium monthly style and special interest magazines as well as supplements to newspapers. These adverts will focus on Sportura, Le Grand Sport, Women’s Solar, Astron and Grand Seiko.

Meanwhile, focusing on Astron and Grand Seiko, digital media will play a role in precisely targeting the right consumers for the products.

Discover Seiko:

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