VIDEO: MB&F presents a triple-tracked robot clock in collaboration with L’Epée 1839

Watchmaker MB&F has teamed up with clock brand L’Epée to produce the MadMax-cross-Transformer robot clock.

Named ‘Grant’, the clock is set on a triple rubber track giving it the ability to travel over a variety of terrain, including messy desks, its designers claim.

‘Grant’ can also transform into one of three different modes; lying horizontally over the chassis for a low profile; crouching at 45 degrees; and sitting up 90 degrees with its ‘time shield’ always available to be moved and set at a comfortable viewing angle.

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The isochronal oscillations of the regulator keeping time in Grant’s glass-domed ‘brain’ are evidence of the clockwork’s high precision.

Grant’s 8-day, in-line manufacture movement features the same finish as found on luxury wristwatches and is available in three limited editions of 50 pieces each in nickel, black, and blue.

Watch the video here:

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