VIDEO OF THE DAY: Patrick Dempsey shows his love for Jack Heuer creation


Hollywood actor Patrick Dempsey has marked the re-launch of TAG Heuer Autavia wristwatches with the creation of a short video dedicated to the original Autavia’s creator Jack Heuer.

The video is titled To Jack, and is described as a visual poem to Mr Heuer.


Mr Dempsey stars in the film, and also marked his directorial debut behind the camera.

In the film, we see Mr Dempsey at the wheel of a red MGA sports car similar to one given to Mr Heuer by his father. He is wearing a 55th Anniversary Special Edition Autavia.

Describing the project, Mr Dempsey said: “I thank TAG Heuer for giving me Carte Blanche on a project that was very dear to me. What began as an inkling of an idea unfolded naturally by itself as a message to Jack that couldn’t have been delivered any other way. I had the privilege to work with the best and we’re all extremely proud of the result.”

Mr Heuer replied: “I can’t tell you how touched I was when I saw the movie. Not just because it felt like it was me behind the wheel, but because it so marvelously goes backward and forward in time. It truly also captures what drives me and what drives TAG Heuer. Also, I’ve always been particularly proud of the Autavia. Thank you, Patrick, for this wonderful gift.”


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