IN VIDEO: Armin Strom unveils cinematic experience of Mirrored Force Resonance


Armin Strom’s Mirrored Force Resonance, which was first introduced in late autumn 2016, is designed to provoke extreme reactions including admiration, astonishment, reverence and incredulity.

The timepiece, which is the production of collaboration between Armin Strom and the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM), comes after Armin Stroms announced plans to let customers design their own wristwatches.

Director Claude Greisler, who masterminded the Mirrored Force Resonance, hoped to create an innovative way to improve the concept that horology’s primary reasons for being are limited precision and timekeeping accuracy.

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“At the moment we are working with CSEM to improve the resonance clutch spring of our Mirrored Force Resonance, to precisely evaluate how theory and reality can and have coincided,” explained Greisler.

“Watchmakers only believe what they see, but what if it’s impossible to see resonance without assistance?”

The sneak peak comes as Armin Strom’s Mirrored Force Resonance enters the second phase of its lifespan.

A video preview of the timepiece can be viewed below.

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