Victorinox joins world’s leading watchmakers in offering 5-year warranty


Rolex, Omega and Breitling watches have them and now so too do timepieces from Victorinox. 

The 5-year warranty is more than just a promise by a watchmaker to keep its timekeepers whirring, it is a statement about manufacturing, build quality, service and support and reliability.

Extending its warranty from two to five years is particularly significant for Victorinox — the same company that brings the Swiss Army Knife to the world — because its watches are used in extreme conditions by the likes of emergency services personnel and the military.

“In a market more competitive than ever, where the warranty statement is becoming a differentiating factor, it is important for us to provide our consumers with the best watches possible and keep them that way for several years after purchase,” Arianna Pozza, head of category watches at Victorinox, tells WatchPro.

“For many years, the quality of our timepieces is a known fact, acknowledged by end-customers, retailers, distributors and service centers worldwide. Victorinox watches are made to be faithful and functional companions on our consumer’s wrist; they are sturdy and not afraid to “get dirty” during each daily adventure. Quality and durability is granted by the choice of the best materials (316L Stainless Steel, Sapphire, genuine leather…) and by the application, on all watches, of a minimum of 100 to 130 legal and real life tests. To value and promote this commitment into quality, we’ve decided to upgrade our promise with the 5-year warranty +,” she adds.

A little known fact is that Victorinox made its first watches in collaboration with its American distributor of the time, back in 1989. They were originally only available in North America.

Thirty years later, the watches are made in Switzerland and distributed worldwide. “The extended warranty is a tribute to the American market where our watches were first launched and which is until today one of our most important markets. It will provide our watch retail partners with an additional sales argument that makes us stand out from most of our competitors,” Ms Pozza says.




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