Versace hopes Chain Reaction will guide sneaker fans to its latest watches


What is it about sneakers and watches that makes them such comfortable bedfellows.

Watches of Switzerland is running a pop-up exhibition at its Soho, Manhattan, store linking premium watches to the most desirable high tops.

StockX started in sneakers before adding pre-owned watches to its portfolio.


Now Versace is making the connection with a watch collection inspired by and named after its $800 Chain Reaction sneakers.

Versace says the collection makes the perfect watch for a man who favors a sporty, unconventional look.

The fashion house’s Greca and a striped pattern and pyramidal elements appear on the stainless steel band of the most urban version of this model and the Versace Medusa logo adorns the dial.

Their silicon strap is also by the embossed with Versace’s chain-link motif in the centre.

They come in a substantial stainless steel 45 mm case housing Ronda quartz movements.

Versace watches are distributed by Madaluxe in the United States.


Discover Versace on WatchPro Shop:

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