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Vector smartwatch users to add functionality


Two days before former Timex president Joe Santana unveils new smartwatch brand Vector to the world at Basel, the company has announced its association to an open-source functionality development programme.

London-based Vector Watch has signed up to If This Then That (IFTTT), the web-based service that allows users to make their own powerful connections between apps & devices with simple conditional statements

The company will launch its own channel on the IFTTT website, allowing owners to develop their own ‘recipes’ linking daily activities and routines with existing apps and services, which will form the basis of a developer ecosystem for the smartwatch.

The IFTTT service already provides connections to over 170 channels (apps) & over 19 million ‘recipes’. This integration marks the start of plans to form a developer-ecosystem for the Vector software.

Vector gave the following examples of how owners of the new smartwatch could begin to link the product with existing functions and services, stating: “With the new IFTTT Do product, a user could set up a ‘recipe’ to activate their Scout home security system at the touch of a button. The original IF product, on the other hand, runs automatically in the background to provide notifications, share content and easily control internet-connected devices. For example, a rule could be set to start your coffee machine via the Smarthings app when your wake-up movements are detected.”

Santana, Vector Watch chief executive officer, said: “We are pleased to become a channel integration partner on IFTTT. Our smartwatch technology will offer users a more relevant experience when using our smartwatch. With IFTTT recipes, users will be able to create unique rules for various applications to meet their own specific needs. They can make their own commands to automate the actions they care about the most. With IFTTT onboard, the potential uses of the Vector watch are endless.”

The Vector smartwatch IFTTT channel will also be launching with the product in the summer.



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