Valbray re-brands its collections as “Oculus”


Swiss watch brand Valbray has decided to rebrand its collections under the name “Oculus”, owing to its aperture-style dial shutter, something it has revealed as it launches a new website.

The brand’s patented shutter system, which uses 16 fine, sliding blades that disappear below the bezel, is said to have inspired the new collection named which references the Latin word oculus, which means eye.

Valbray chose the new name as “eyes are cross-cultural symbols of focus, clarity, vision and perception [while] in architecture, an oculus is a circular window usually found on ceilings and walls of buildings”.


Finding its significations alluring, Valbray decided to rename its current collections as Oculus V.01 Chrono Collection and Oculus V.02 Grand Date Collection, with its next launches set to follow the Oculus theme.

To mark the occasion of the rebranding the brand has simultaneously unveiled its new website, with the homepage inspired by a wall mosaic, one of the main decoration methods used in classic architecture, from which Valbray takes inspiration.

A release from the brand said: “[The website] presents a high interactivity and updated content from all areas of the brand universe, subdivided by different colour: the product, the events, the brand community, the brand communication”.



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