Vacheron lends support to US watchmaking school


Vacheron Constantin has announced a two-year partnership with the North American Institute of Swiss Watchmaking (NAIOSW) to promote and support high-watchmaking in North America.

Vacheron Constantin is the first Swiss watchmaking brand to partner with the NAIOSW which is based in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. The partnership is an extension of the brand’s worldwide support of the Institute of Swiss Watchmaking (IOSW), of which the NAIOSW is a branch.

The partnership hopes to add a new dimension to the institute with Vacheron Constantin providing mentoring and education, giving students more background information about the watchmaker’s career from a brand perspective.

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The brand will also supply educational tools on high-watchmaking topics such as the prestigious Hallmark of Geneva and those students graduating at the top of their class will be invited to Vacheron Constantin in Geneva for a three-week Discovery Internship at its manufactory.

De Pins said of the link-up: "This partnership is faithful to our values of perpetuating the tradition of high watchmaking and transmitting the know-how of our watchmakers.

"As the first Swiss watchmaker to have started, nearly 200 years ago, trading timepieces in the United States, we are proud to partner with the NAIOSW, to support its mission and create a bridge between our watchmaking apprenticeship initiatives in the US and Switzerland.”

The classes of 2013 and 2014 have already begun, with the brand hosting a special reception on September 13 with Denis Jaquenoud, president of NAIOSW and Hugues de Pins, president of Vacheron Constantin North America.



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