Urwerk unveils its wearer-adjustable EMC


Urwerk has unveiled its much anticipated Electro Mechanical Control (EMC), which allows the wearer to monitor and adjust the timing to suit their lifestyle.

Through EMC, the wearer can not only obtain the precise timing rate on demand but can then can then use that information to accurately adjust the timing of their watch to suit their own personal rhythm.

Talking about the development, co-founder of Urwerk Felix Baumgartner said: “Our idea for EMC goes back almost six years and is a natural continuation of my work as a watchmaker. Like all watchmakers, I have on my bench a Witschi – an instrument to test the precision of my work. This impartial and uncompromising judge ‘listens’ to the rhythm of the balance and makes a verdict on the performance of the movement by measuring the timing rate, the number of seconds the movement gains or loses in 24 hours. This device is what I always refer back to – you might say it’s my only boss in the atelier!”


The idea to incorporate a Witschi-like measuring instrument in a mechanical watch became a quest for Urwerk. Baumgartner commented: “EMC allows you to obtain a reliable and accurate piece of data on your timepiece at the touch of a button – information that until now has been the preserve of professional watchmakers. Using this information, you can fine tune one of the most exciting, most jubilant mechanisms invented – the mechanical watch – all by yourself.”

For more technical information about the EMC, click here

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