Urwerk releases most accomplished creation to date


Urwek’s co-founder and artistic director, Martin Frei, has launched the latest addition to the brand’s collection and says it is the most formidable watch it has ever produced.

“I really don’t think that I could have done any better,” he said, launching the design at Bsaelworld. “"In my eyes the UR-210S is our most accomplished creation to date.”

The UR-210 is already known for its orbital complication and imposing retrograde minute hand. However, this ‘S’ version – a limited edition of just 35 pieces – adds an even stronger monochrome aesthetic with its full metal bracelet, which was developed specifically for Urwerk.


“The UR-210S is much more than the sum of its parts,” says Frei. “It’s impossible to boil this creation down to one specific feature. It really is about a coherent whole formed by each of its elements – the movement, mechanisms, case and dial – as well as the bracelet. We should think of it as a single entity extending around the wearer’s wrist, encompassing it.

“I am very proud that the UR-210S now exists because I had to fight for it. It may well be true that investing time and energy into developing a completely new metal bracelet for a limited edition of just 35 pieces appears irrational, but fortunately at Urwerk passion usually prevails over reason, and what can I say, the UR-210 simply evokes passion.”

The UR-210’s satellite complication with retrograde minute is both highly original and totally explosive. The principal feature is a high-tech, oversized, three-dimensional retrograde minute hand. Its function is to enclose the hour satellite and indicate the time as it transverses the 0-to-60-minute scale.

But the true nature of the piece is revealed at the end of the 59th minute. Then a sharp distinct “click” signals the return of the minute hand to its starting point. In less than 0.1 of a second the hand flies back to dock with the next hour satellite.

If the user’s recent activity been enough to replenish the UR-210’s energy levels, the winding efficiency indicator will point emphatically to the green zone. If not, it means the wearer has been using more energy than they are generating, and the winding efficiency indicator will point to the red zone.

If the UR-210 indicates an insufficient supply of energy, the user can position the winding efficiency selector at the back of the watch to “FULL”. The rotor will then convert the slightest movement into stored energy.

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