Urwerk measures space and time with its latest horological creation


Urwerk fans will find the UR-100 SpaceTime, which launches today, one of the more mainstream examples of watchmaking, but for the uninitiated, its display of time in hours and minutes and space in distance traveled are a little out there.

The UR-100 SpaceTime is not the first Urwerk watch to use what it calls orbital hour satellites.

However, this time, rather than the red-arrow-tipped minute pointers on the hour satellites disappearing after 60 minutes when replaced by the next, the UR-100 minute arrow passes beneath and between subsidiary dials, reappearing to display new astronomical indications: distance traveled on Earth and distance traveled by Earth.


I will leave the rest of the explanation to Urwerk …

The first indicator at 10 o’clock evaluates the distance in kilometers that we have traveled on the Earth based on the average speed of the rotation of the Earth on its axis at the equator, covering a distance of 555 km every 20 minutes.

Directly opposite at 2 o’clock, an identical hand continues its journey to another celestial indication featuring the distance the Earth has travelled in its orbit around the sun – a journey spanning some 35,740 km every 20 minutes.

The UR-100 simultaneously presents three different space-time realities, providing a thought-provoking reminder of our voyage through time and space, the company explains.

The CHF 48,000 timepiece comes in a black PVD-coated titanium and stainless steel case measuring 49.7mm top to bottom, 41mm across and 14mm deep. It houses an automatic Caliber 12.01 movement.


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