Urban Jürgensen shuts atelier until May


Breitling’s CEO said last week he aims to re-open its manufacturing facilities in Switzerland today, but independent watchmaker Urban Jürgensen says it is closing for a month.

“Like everybody else around us, our employees, manufacturing and sales partners are impacted by the current corona virus pandemic,” says the brand’s president and CEO Søren Petersen.

“The rapid and worldwide spread is a matter of concern to all of us. It is our aim to contribute to the best of our abilities to slow down the outbreak of the virus,” he adds.


Mothballing its manufacturing facility does not mean shutting down the entire business.

The Atelier will be closed from today, April 6, until May 4, but Urban Jürgensen’s teams, working from home offices, are available.

“Thank you to everyone for understanding this difficult situation,” Mr Petersen finishes. “Stay safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones.”



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