Unnamed Society sends gun in the mail


Have you ever been sent a message from a secret organization with the subject line ‘BANG!’ accompanied by a shocking image of a gun?

It is an unsettling experience, and one that WatchPro suffered this morning thanks to breaking news from a group calling itself The Unnamed Society.

The Unnamed Society, founded in 2019, describes itself as a “small, very select circle of celebrities, good friends and best buddies”. Most of them are based in the US, we are told, and are at the apex of their respective fields, shaping the worlds of art, music and fashion.


They wish to remain anonymous because this is not about them but about what’s important to them: “to take the art of gifting to its highest, most exclusive level”.

Its first creation is a table clock created in the form of a revolver, created in collaboration with Swiss clock maker L’Epee.

Each gun is unique, with its grip and engraving finished to order.

Finishes can use woods like olive, pear, palm tree and rosewood, exotic skins like ray skin, gems set in precious metals ; even elk antler, sheep horn or giraffe bone are possible. “The possibilities for personalizing the object are virtually limitless,” the Unnamed Society says.

You have been warned.



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