Ulysse Nardin recreates historic link with United States Navy for a modern chronometer


Ulysse Nardin can trace its history of working with the United States Navy back to 1905 when the Washington Naval Observatory organized a competition for ‘Precision Torpedo Boat Timepieces’.

The timepieces, given to naval officers, were meant to provide the torpedo boats with an hour of reference as accurate and reliable as those on the largest naval vessels.

Ulysse Nardin won the competition several years in a row and became the official supplier of the American Navy.


The watchmaker recalls its historic link as it introduces its Marine Torpilleur Military US Navy, a new US Navy Torpedo Boat watch.

A limited edition of 173 pieces — for the 173 years since Ulysse Nardin founded the company — the 44mm wrist chronometer carries the DNA of its ancestors, the company says.

Its dial is based on the first on-board timepieces to equip navy vessels and have the same blue dials of its earliest 20th century pieces.

The watch uses the certified UN-118 automatic-winding movement, which has a 60-hour power reserve.

One of the more striking elements of the design is the number 24 written in red on the power reserve indicator, a reference to the warning system on the original marine chronometers, which let sailors know that only 24 hours of power reserve remained and that the watch needed to be rewound immediately.



The original Ulysse Nardin Torpedo Boat watch made for the US Navy in 1905.


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