Ulysse Nardin adds to its Freakus line with golden coral reef pieces


Ulysse Nardin continues to think outside the box with its latest Freak, using complex machinery to build the watches.

The Freakus Visionum’s entire flying carousel movement circles inside the watch displaying minutes at one end and a balance wheel at the other.

There is no winding crown because the automatic movement is wound by a pepper grinder mechanism on the underside of the watch where the mainspring is tightened by an oscillating ring weight.


The brand has just announced two further peculiar pieces to join the family, both using complex bonding techniques for a coral-like dial made of gold.

A bonding machine squeezes gold thread on each side, one thread after another, to draw a coral reef motif on the watch movement’s barrel spring bridge. Each thread is a different size, and all are tied only at the top and bottom of the thread, but not in its center.

To create blue and yellow gold coral reef patterns, the watchmaker colors the component and the coral reefs with a chemical vapor disposition process in blue. The entire surface is colored except the departure and arrival points of the yellow gold threads, which are laser cleaned. Then the yellow gold threads are bonded to the component.

The watches have two bar tack loop stitches on their straps in matching yellow gold or coral red, and a gear train bridge and escapement bridge in matching blue or coral red.

Other color possibilities could be explored on demand according to the brand.


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