Two UK shoppers shortlisted for TW Steel comp


Two finalists have been selected from the UK for TW Steel’s global Pilot Your Life competition, in which it is giving one person the chance to win an experience of a lifetime.

Shoppers who bought a TW Steel watch were encouraged to write in to the brand and tell them of a dream they wanted to come true. 16 of these wishes have been shortlisted and now face a public vote with the dream with the most amount of votes winning the prize, which can be up to €50,000 (£41,000) in value.

Jonathan Marques-Maycock is originally from São Paulo in Brazil but now lives in Loughborough with his wife. He wrote in to the competition after buying a watch from Tylers in Loughborough to ask for help to realise his dream of achieving his helicopter pilot license so that he can apply for a job with the Air Ambulance service.


Marques-Maycock had already been training to be a pilot when he ran out of money to continue his £400-an-hour lessons. He has 63 flying hours clocked up so far and has passed all of his theoretical exams but needs a cash injection to build up the rest of his hours and take his Final Skills Test.

He said: "To fly helicopters has been my dream since I was a little kid and the Air Ambulance is the ideal job for me because it is extremely challenging for the pilot and it saves lives. Everything depends on my planning and skills to make it happen. It’s not the salary or the money I am interested in, it’s the job satisfaction."

Another UK resident, Alexander, has also been shortlisted. His dream is to hold a party to allow his family to spend some quality time with his terminally ill father.

He said: "I am lucky and have a wonderful family. Sadly, my mother died when I was a teenager and my sister, father and myself have always supported each other. My father is terminally ill and I would love to get all the family together for a wonderful party to celebrate his life. I would also like to help my sister financially."

Marques-Maycock and Alexander have until December 23 to get in as many votes as they can on the twsteel.com/pilotyourlife website. They are up against contestants from all over the globe whose dreams range from starting new businesses to setting up charities.



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