Two new watches from Mr Jones


Mr Jones Watches has released two new timepieces, the Baitball and the Blowball, both of which were produced in London.

Inspired by the childhood pastime of counting the puffs needed to clear a dandelion head to read the time, the seeds on the watch face of the Blowball disperse and come together again throughout the day. Every time the watch comes to 12 o’clock, the seeds form a complete dandelion. A pair of flies show the hours and minutes and the watch has a silver case and strap.

The Baitball depicts fish swimming in a mass, as if under attack by a predator. Once every hour, the school comes together, aligning to form a harmonious circle, against an ocean-like backdrop. The watch also features a black leather strap and case.


Only 50 pieces of the Blowball, which retails for £150, have been produced, whilst the Baitball is limited to 30 pieces and costs £175.

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