Tustains runs Breitling and ladies’ watch promos


Leamington Spa retailer Tustains is running two initiatives to promote sales of its Breitling and ladies’ watches this Christmas.

To encourage Christmas shoppers to buy ladies’ watches as gifts this year Tustains is offering a free pair of diamond earrings with every watch sold that is worth more than £2,000. The offer will also target Valentine’s Day shoppers as it will run until February 14.

In the same period Tustains is also running a seperate free prize draw that gives shoppers the chance to win a Breitling-branded iPad in an effort to promote the watch brand within its local area.


Breitling is a new brand for Tustains. The retailer took stock of the watches at the beginning of August, and have described it as an "iconic brand" that it has aspired to have in its store for many years.

Tustains co-owner Tom Milner said: "This is an exceptionally exciting addition for us. There aren’t many watch brands which you dream of selling, but in Breitling we have partnered with the only major watch brand which chronometer certifies all its movements, and one of the very few which manufactures its own mechanical chronographs. This is a very special brand.”

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