Turn of the month sees David Yurman spring into life


David Yurman has seen the back of January as an excuse to leap into action.

Presenting its Spring 2021 campaign by CCO Evan Yurman, “My New York” gets the brand ready for an exciting few months ahead.

The campaign celebrates “My New York” as the brand and founders’ home, and as a constant source of inspiration and creativity for the Yurman family.


Co-founder and CEO, David Yurman, said: “Sybil, Evan and I were all born in New York City. It’s our home and in our DNA—its creative energy courses through our veins.”

Adding: “We want to celebrate and support our hometown—what this city was, is, and will always be. It’s our New York.”

The campaign features a mix of classic and iconic pieces from David Yurman Cable, Pinky Ring, Stax, Lexington and Renaissance collections, as well as statement pieces from the brand’s upcoming launch—the new Elements collection.

In February 2021, David Yurman will expand on the “My New York” campaign concept with a social media initiative featuring iconic individuals from across the country—actors, musicians, artists, philanthropists, athletes, entrepreneurs—each with a unique and personal story to tell about the city.

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