Tudor unveils special edition Black Bay Chrono as part of its partnership with Rugby World Cup


The United States and Canada are both outside bets to reach the later stages of the Rugby World Cup, which kicks-off in Japan on September 20.

After all, what’s with a game when 15 men with no protective equipment have to pass the odd-shaped ball backwards at all times? It simply is not American.

But our teams are two of only 20 countries in the tournament, so could come away with a couple of scalps.

Tudor will be hoping that rugby can squeeze a little screen time, despite the NFL season getting underway this week, since it is the Official Timekeeper for the Rugby World Cup 2019 that runs for six weeks from September 20 to November 2.

New Zealand’s All Blacks, which are Tudor Brand Ambassadors as a team, are favorites to win the tournament.



Whether or not citizens from North America tune in, the tournament, held every four years, is described as the world’s third largest sporting event. Fans will see Tudor splashed around the stadiums and on the player substitution boards.

The global rugby community boasts 9.1 million players and 338 million fans, connected through 121 national member federations in six regions, but if the sport doesn’t grip you, a special edition Tudor Black Bay Chrono, designed to be worn by match officials, just might.

It is powered by the manufacture Calibre MT5813, with a column wheel, silicon balance spring and a 70-hour power reserve.

The special edition is worn on a rubber strap and has a commemorative engraving on the back, but will not be available to buy.




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