Troverie launches innovative Apple Watch trade-in marketing program


Troverie has unveiled an innovative marketing program that allows consumers to exchange used Apple Watches for a Troverie gift card for themselves and 30,000 nutritious meals for others in need.

“Trade An Apple, Give An Apple,” will see the omni-channel luxury watch retailer donate 100% of the proceeds from all Apple Watch trade-ins to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey, a member of Feeding America.

Troverie says that in terms of the trade-in value and unrestricted acceptance of all used Apple Watches the offer is among the most generous when compared to other trade-in opportunities.

The program’s first fifty participants will receive a premium $250 gift card, while the next 500 will receive a $150 gift card.

Interested Apple Watch owners complete an online registration form, send their Apple Watch trade-in to Troverie using a prepaid USPS shipping label, and receive a digital gift card for use towards a new luxury timepiece on Troverie.com.

The initiative aims to address the explosive growth in smartwatch sales, especially among younger consumers.

Troverie says that the idea addresses the fastest growing consumer segment in the watch sector, helps the luxury watch industry engage with a millennial audience, recognizes that these consumers derive diminishing utility from older smartwatches, creates an easy on-ramp for the next generation of luxury timepiece enthusiasts to upgrade to a “real” watch, and incorporates a powerful cause marketing initiative to benefit hunger relief efforts this holiday season.

Explaining the concept, Fred Levin, the CEO and co-founder of Troverie, said: “From our inception, Troverie has aimed to disrupt the industry status-quo by creating customer-first solutions, addressing the shifting marketplace and offering a different value proposition.

“The launch of the “Trade An Apple, Give An Apple” program is the next evolution of our mission to attract new consumers to the luxury Swiss watch industry.

“This also represents the company’s first corporate social responsibility initiative. While our luxury brands are global, and our jeweler network is national, our philanthropy supports our home state of New Jersey.”

Troverie has worked closely with the Community FoodBank of New Jersey to pioneer this corporate social responsibility program, designed to put supplemental food and fresh produce on the table for thousands of food insecure children in the company’s home state of New Jersey.

Carlos Rodriguez, President & CEO of the Community FoodBank of New Jersey, said: “Troverie’s support will provide 30,000 fresh, nutritious meals to make a real difference for our neighbors in need.

“We’re grateful that, even with their global reach, they’ve chosen to focus their philanthropy work right here in New Jersey, where about 900,000 people struggle with hunger.”

The program is not affiliated with the Apple Inc. or any of its subsidiaries or partners (“Apple”) nor does Apple endorse the program in any way.



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