TRIWA aims to get guns off the streets in new collection


Swedish brand, TRIWA, has launched the first watch made from destructed illegal firearms intended to serve as a solution to gun-related violence.

The TRIWA x Humanium metal watch launched on Kickstarter in late June and raised over seven times its initial goal in just over a week.

The humanium metal used in the watch is melted and molded out of illegal firearms to form the timepiece in a bid to get guns off the streets.


Currently there are over 500 million illegal firearms across the world.

The initial batch of the new collection were created from weapons collected from El Salvador, a country with one of the highest homicide rates in the world, where firearms account for the majority of violent deaths.

Ann Svensén, Security General of IM, the company that makes the humanium metal, said: “Every gun melted and turned into humanium metal is one less gun on the streets.”

TRIWA believes that using the seized firearms in this way ensures that the guns will not find their way back onto the street.

Ludvig Scheja, co-founder of TRIWA, said: “We hope to add new value to the industry and make every purchase an opportunity for both our brand and consumers to contribute to a more peaceful world, hopefully one day bringing an end to armed violence around the globe.”

A portion of sales generated from the watches will also be allocated to help rebuild communities like El Salvador and beyond.

The unisex TRIWA x humanium metal watch starts at $229 on Kickstarter and will be available in two sizes, 39mm and 34mm, and two dial styles, a dark grey vertically brushed dial and a vertically brushed steel dial.

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