Trend-setting Olivia Burton says mini dials could be the next big thing


The watch world has been moving away from oversized dials for some time, but that is typically at the luxury men’s end of the market where 47mm clunkers are making way for wearable and more commercial 40mm classics.

Less talked about is the trend of ladies watches at historically popular sizes in the 20mm to 25mm range, but that is exactly the sweet spot at which Olivia Burton — arguably the greatest trendsetter in ladies watches for the past five years — has aimed.

Its 3D Bee, launching today in two styles, comes in at a demure 23mm.


There are blush and grey dials in the gold colored two-piece collection, each dominated with Olivia Burton’s favorite bee symbol at their centers.

One is worn on a gold ion-plated steel mesh strap, the other a gold-coloured link bracelet.

“Our delicate 23mm Mini styles might be dainty, but they still make a mighty impact,” the Movado Group-owned company says in its promotion.

The three-handers are on sale now for $240.

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