Transformers … G-Shocks in disguise


Transformers may now be considered just a blockbuster Hollywood franchise steered by director Michael Bay, but the concept’s roots are firmly from the Japanese comic book world.

Marrying the alien robots with Japan’s Casio G-Shock is therefore an idea whose time might have come some time ago.

Better late than never, Casio has made the coupling happen, resulting in a G-Shock DW-6900TF-SET appearing embedded in the chest of a special Transformer character Master Optimus Prime.


This actually the second time G-Shock has been aligned with Transformers. In 2017 they created a movie with a new original character named GT3 Prime, drawn in a motif inspired by a G-Shock G-Steel watch.

But only now can you buy a watch cradled by Optimus Prime. It is only available online at G-Shock’s website or one of the brand’s boutiques. Price is the equivalent of £300.

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