Traditional watch business braces to face-off against Facebook smartwatches


As if competing with Apple, Samsung and Google weren’t hard enough for traditional watch companies, next they are going to have to face-off against Facebook.

Rumors have been circulating since as far back as February, but little detail has leaked about products that are expected to be revealed next year.

There are no pictures, not even mock-ups from tech insiders who typically get leaks well ahead of new launches.

Strategically, the money is on Facebook focusing on communication, messaging services and sharing pictures and videos, which is why most analysts expect the smartwatch to have the best camera possible that can be squeezed onto a wristwatch.

If that leaves room for the sort of sensors that Apple Watch uses to monitor health and wellness, that too would be shareable data.

Of course, for Facebook everything is about targeted advertising.

That does not necessarily mean pushing advertising to a smartwatch face, but it will surely mean gathering even more data that can be shared with advertisers so that individuals can be targeted with even greater accuracy.

Integration with everything that connects to the internet is a given. The only question is what more the smartwatch will do than the phone in people’s pocket.

The Macrumors website believes that the smartwatch will have a detachable display with two built-in cameras for taking pictures and videos to share on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

A camera on the front of the watch’s display will be available for video calls, while a 1080p camera on the back will be able to capture photos when the device’s body is detached from its stainless steel watch frame.

The smartwatch is expected to sell for around $400, which may not make it profitable in its own right, but will pay for itself with the data it accumulates and which Facebook monetizes like no other company on the planet.



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